№ 207184

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


The fact that this decision does not involve expenses at the account of the state budget, we hereby decide:

We approve the hunting program on the island of Sapienza for the hunting season 2019-2020, as follows:



The hunting in the controlled hunting region on the Sapienza island requires:

  1. 1. Possession of a general hunting tag and/or: General, District, Local which is to be valid for the region of Messinia.
  2. 2. Acquisition of special permission for hunting in the Controlled hunting region.



To obtain special permission for hunting in a Controlled hunting region, the entity concerned must, personally or via legal representative, submit to the Forestry office of Kalamata:

  1. 1. A request with the data (last name, name, father’s name, profession, home address, identity card number, tax number, number of hunting ticket and type) and the date of requested hunting.
  2. 2. A copy of the hunting permission (second, third page and valid endorsement). Foreign hunters also submit a translated hunting license granted by their own country.
  3. 3. Necessary amount of money.



The hunting starts on Tuesday, 5 November 2019 and ends on Monday 02 December 2019.

The hunting days are: Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The hunting starts one (1) hour after the sun rise and ends at 14:00 in the afternoon.



  1. 1. The price of the special permission is determined as follows:
  2. a) for hunters of Messinia district 25,00 Euro.
  3. b) for the rest of the Greek hunters and citizens of the member states of the European Union and citizens of foreign countries (outside EU), who have been residents in Greece for more than 15 years 40,00 Euro.
  4. c) for the foreign citizens of countries outside the EU 80,00 Euro.
  5. 2. The prices of the special permissions are VAT taxed 24%.
  6. 3. The special permission applies only for the day of the hunting.
  7. 4. The hunters of foreign states (outside the EU), except the taxes needs to have the special permission and must provide a general hunting license issued by the Forestry office of Kalamata, via paying the relevant fees determined with annual decision for regulating the matters of hunting at the Ministry of Environment and Energetics formed as follows: a) up to 15 days: 60 Euro and b) up to two (2) months: 120 euro. Besides, an insurance contract is required covering the hunter in case of hunting incident in our country.



  1. 1. The hunting takes place only in groups in the presence of an authorized authority. Individual hunters are not accepted.
  2. 2. Every day, up to twelve (12) hunters may go hunting divided in three (3) groups (from 2 to 4 hunters in a group).
  3. 3. The transportation of the hunters from Methoni in the district of Sapienza takes place only via a boat submitted by the Forestry office. As a min. payment, the sum of 300 Euro plus VAT is defined which is divided equally between the hunters if they are less than 6 hunters. For more than 6 hunters, the sum set to be paid is 50 Euro plus VAT for each hunter

Article 6


  1. 1. The special hunting permissions are issued by the Forestry of Kalamata (in the Controlled Hunting Region, no hunting permissions are issued).
  2. 2. The entities concerned with hunting must submit to the Forestry Office of Kalamata the documents needed for issuing the special license indicated in paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 2 of this hunting program. Requests are accepted from the publishing of this program in the government newspaper till Friday, 11 October at 13:00 o’clock. Each request is recorded. The number of the protocol defines the priority order. On Monday, 14 October 2019, the requests are classified by the Controller of the CHT by hunting days and the hunters are informed that since Friday 18 October until 13:00 o’clock, they will pay the required sum for issuing Special license for all hunting days. The failure to pay the fee, even by one hunter of the group, fails the entry of the entire group in the CHT. The payment is done exclusively via deposit / bank transfer to the office from the personal bank account of the hunter or his legal representative. In case of vacant places, the applicants may go hunting by submitting a new application within the period from 21 to 25 October 2019.In case of two hunting groups, consisting of two hunters in each group, hunting on the same day, they are allowed to join in one if they want it and hunt in one so another group may go hunting too. No changes are made of the hunters involved in the groups.
  3. 3. Applicants or their legal representatives must obtain in a timely manner special hunting permission.
  4. 4. If the hunter fails to show up for hunting on the day set for him, he is not allowed to use the permission for that day for another day and the fee paid is not refundable.
  5. 5. If the hunter does not show up with no reasonable excuse for two hunting days, he is deprived of the right to go hunting until the end of the hunting season. The fees paid for hunting days being the cause for the deprivation of hunting right are not subject to refund.
  6. 6. In case of missing hunting due to bad weather or another reason, the hunting may take place those who want it, on Monday on the next week.

 Those hunters who do not want to go hunting and have showed up on the day set for them, will be reimbursed the sums they paid by depositing / transferring from the bank account of the office to the accounts from which they have deposited / transferred, subject to calculation of expenses for bank transactions.

These hunters or their representatives must submit to the Forestry office in Kalamata by Friday, 6 December, an invoice issued for this special hunting license. For the special hunting permissions that the relevant invoices have not been submitted, the resources are deposited by the Forestry office of Kalamata in the Greed fund.



  1. 1. Hunting is practiced only with hunting weapon with smooth barrel and single barrel or two-barrel shotgun or weapon with up to three (3) cartridges in total, of which one (1) is in the chamber and two (2) in the charger.
  2. 2. Only slugs will be used for hunting.
  3. 3. Dogs are forbidden for hunting.

Wireless devices, binoculars, etc. are forbidden as support means for hunting.

The use of mobile phones as support means for hunting are forbidden.



  1. 1. The hunting is performed by the exclusive discretion of the surveillance council of the Controlled hunting region when the weather conditions ate suitable and the visibility is good.

2.The hunting permissions and special permissions are submitted to the authorities of the Controlled hunting region prior to the hunting start and are returned afterwards.

  1. 3. . The positions on which the hunting teams will go hunting, are set prior to the hunting start and prior to positioning. If more teams are interested in hunting on the same place, a lottery will take place.
  2. 4. Hunters are always accompanied by the authorities of the Controlled hunting region whose instructions they must follow. Hunters must take all necessary measures to prevent all forms of accidents and the safe use and conveying of their hunting weapons. The office will not be responsible for injuries or accidents during hunt. During hunting, the hunters must carry on their body a cloth of fluorescent orange color (excluded single tape), visible from every visual aspect, to prevent incidents.
  3. 5. The distancing of the hunters is forbidden from the group and the area as a whole set for hunting by the authorities of the Controlled hunting region. Negligent hunters who are dangerous for their colleagues or employees of the Controlled hunting region and generally hunters who fail to obey the instructions of the authorities of the Controlled hunting region are removed by the Controlled hunting region and deprived of hunting with no further formalities or compensations.
  4. 6. The authorities of the CHR can merge groups of hunters.
  5. 7. A hunter may not enter the CHR without carrying a weapon even if possessing a special license.
  6. 8. Hunting is forbidden from the boat and watering troughs.
  7. 9. A hunter who hurts an animal, by absolute discretion of the surveillance authority, and fails to catch it, shall pay the value envisaged for the game and shall be deprived of the right to enter the CHR for this hunting season.
  8. 10. The hunting of immature game is forbidden. By immature game, the following is meant: Ibex at the age of three (3) years and mouflon at the age of two (3) years. In case of hurting or killing an immature hairy game, the violator shall pay a fine at the amount of 400,00 Euro plus the value of the tag. The penalty value of the female goat is estimated to 500,00 Euro for all hunters.
  9. 10. The hunting of game that is not indicated in the special hunting license is forbidden.
  10. 11. If game is killed whose hunting is forbidden by the force of a special hunting permission and this hunting program of the Controlled hunting region, this deed is considered illegal hunting. In this case, the trespassers shall pay the value of the prey as per the rules for hunting and for violating the sub law provisions for hunting (article 287, par. 18 of the Legislative decree 86/1969). The game and hunting devices shall be collected from the police. The confiscated game is liquidated.

The trophies of the collected male animals remain at the disposal of the Controlled hunting region and the Office.

  1. 12. The hunting is terminated in every case when this is considered necessary by an authority supervising the hunting.



Via a decision of the Director of Forests of Messinia, after an explanation by the Manager of the Forestry of Kalamata, the Hunting program may be changed or terminated at any time.



The allowed number of animals and their export license prices of the game are given in the following table:

Type of game


Total number of hunters’ period (2)

Allowed number for a hunting group            


Hunters from area (4)

Other hunters (5)

Foreign hunters (6)

Wild sheep (Ovis amon musimon)

Female: 20

2 for a hunting period

140,00 euro

180,00 euro

350,00 euro

Wild sheep (Ovis amon musimon)

Male: 20

2 for a hunting period

170,00 euro

210,00 euro

370,00 euro

Wild goat (Capra aegagruscretica)

Male: 20

2 for a hunting period

250,00 euro

320,00 euro

500,00 euro

In the event of hunting: a) wild sheep with horn length above 45 cm (outside) the price of game is rated for every centimeter above 45 5 euro and b) wild goat the length of the horns is more than 65 cm (outside) the price of the game is rated for every centimeter above 65 10 euro. The above prices are added 24% VAT.




  1. 1. After the end of hunting, the surveillance authority of the Controlled hunting region will issue an invoice for sale and will collect the game export fee. The section that will be given to the hunter represents is a lawful document for export the game to be entered in it, for the purposes of carrying, transport it etc
  2. 2. when a wild goat is shot (kri kri) and the group consists of hunters of the Messinia area and other Greek hunters or hunters of member states of the European Union, the price of the collected game is determined by the value indicated in column (5), in the table above. If the group involves foreign hunters from countries outside the EU, the price is defined by column (6) in the table.



The departure of hunters from their arrival at Methoni will take place at 7:45  −  8:00 o’clock and the return to Sapienza is at 14:30 − 15:00 o’clock.

If for any reason, the departure does not take place by 8,30, the hunting should be consider canceled.



1.The entry and stay in the Controlled hunting region without permission from the Forestry Office is forbidden.

2.The controlled hunting region may be visited for scientific and entertaining purposes, for studying and investigating the flora and fauna and the ecosystem as a whole as those who want to do this, can do it after obtaining a permission from the Forestry office of Kalamata in days when no hunting takes place. The manner, time, conduct and other duties in the Controlled hunting region shall be set in a special permission.

  1. 3. The attendants of the hunters and visitors in the Controlled hunting region must be careful for the security and avoiding of incidents as this is their own concern and responsibility. The office shall bear no responsibility for eventual incidents that could happen during the stay in the controlled hunting region. Also, the game must be kept as well as its wellbeing.



  1. It is forbidden to take pictures and video of hunting or hunting operations as set in this program. The photographing and taking pictures of the animals outside the above mentioned period is done only with the permission of the competent ministry. In case of photographing or taking pictures of the game and hunting operations or the availability of illegal audio visual material for photographing and taking pictures of hunting and hunting operations, the violator shall be persecuted for violation as per the current provisions and deprived of the right to hunt.
  2. Hunters must collect and remove from the CHR the cartridges used.

3.For the matters that have not been regulated in this program, which has the effect of a regulation for hunting, the general hunting provisions shall apply.

4.The violators of the regulations for hunting and this forbidding clause shall be punished.

5.The possession of a special permission for hunting, the entering of an attendant to a hunter and a visitor in the controlled hunting region mean unconditional acceptance and applying of the above stated.

This decision shall be published in State Gazette.

Kalamata, 23 September 2019

By order of the General Secretary

Decentralized governance

Director of Forestry of Messinia


I, Addison Abigail sertify the authenticity of the translation performed by me from Greek to English language of the attached document.

Teodoria Potary

Refund Policy

This hunt is good until trophies are taken or wounded or two reasonable chances have been missed or passed over up to a maximum of 3 days.

No refund will be applied if hunt started.


Firearm regulation

The only legal hunting weapon in Greece is open sight /no optics/ smoothbore barrel shotgun /without rifling/ with slugs. And bow. Hunting is a popular pastime in Greece, mainly on the mainland and mountainous areas. Wild boar and woodcock are commonly hunted animals. Both a shotgun permit and hunting licence are required to hunt in Greece. A shotgun can be bought without a licence, but it must then be registered with the police. A shotgun permit must then be applied for within one month at the local Police station. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The penalty for being in possession of an unregistered rifle or shotgun without a permit may be up to four months in prison. Only single or double barrelled smooth shotguns, with a rifle length over 1m and holding no more than three bullets are permitted.