What a remarkable success! Is that even possible? Eleven hunters to harvest 11 great Kri Kri Ibexes and all of them - TOP 20 entries for the record book of SCI! And the cherry on top - Magnificent 7 Kri Kri Ibex trophies were worthy enough for the Top 10 placement in the SCI record book.

Book with us for your lifetime hunting experience now, our season 2022, 2023 and 2024 is fully booked!
Seasons 2025 and 2026 are ready for early bookings!

Hunting of Yura Ibex and Hybrid from Skopelos (Capra aegagrus Dorcas)

You now have the unique opportunity to participate in a hunting expedition on the island of Yura, which has been closed to hunting for almost ten years. This preliminary hunting program will be approved next year and may change before the hunting season begins.

Preliminary Hunting Program on the Islands of Yura and Agios Georgios

Join us for a 1-day hunt spread over two nights between October and November. This hunt is geared towards securing a gold medal class Kri Kri Ibex hybrid trophy, with no restrictions on its size.