Approval of the Game Program of the Controlled Hunting Area (E.K.P.) of Gioura for the hunting season outdated

Government Gazette B 2902 - 29.10.2014

No. 2427/205959
Approval of the hunting program of the Controlled Hunting Area of Gioura for the hunting season 2014 - 2015.

RIGHTS In order to acquire the right to hunt in the E.C.P. Gioura, the following are required:

1.1 The possession of a standard local or regional or general hunting license and
1.2 Special permit for hunting in the E.K.P. Gioura.
Article 2
2.1. For the interested hunter to obtain the special hunting license, he must submit to the Forestry Department of Skopelos the following documents: a) Application indicating:
name, father's name, home address, police number ID, the hunting license number with its designation in local-regional-general, the Forestry Authority from which he got the hunting license, contact telephone number, and the specific days he wishes to hunt.b) A common hunting permit validated for the current hunting season or a certified photocopy thereof showing all the details.
and pay the corresponding monetary fee laid down in Article 3 for the issue of the special permit.
2.2. The issuance of special permits and the registration of hunting dates for the hunting season 2014-2015 will begin with the approval of this program by the Secretary General of the Decentralized Administration of Thessaly – Central Greece.
2.3. For the issuance of the special permit and the determination of the hunting days, the hunter must present himself or another person known to him at the Game Office at the Skopelos Forestry Office or send by FAX to the Skopelos Forestry - Game Office the supporting documents of article 2.1 (application, hunting license or certified photocopy thereof, ELTA receipt for sending a cheque) and pay or send exclusively by postal cheque the fees for issuing the special permit including VAT (the exact amount).
Article 3
3.1 The special permit at its issuance is valid for two (2) specific days of entry into the island of Gioura and for one (1) particular day of entry into the island of Ag. Georgios of the E.C.P. Gioura and its value, including VAT (16%)(24%) for each category of hunters, is:
a) For hunters permanently residing in the province of Northern Sporades and for
Forest employees' salaries are 11,60 (60) euros, including VAT (10,00 + 16% VAT)(24%).
Special permit color: WHITE
b) For other Greeks, nationals of EU member states, nationals of other states residing in our country for more than 15 years and diplomatic employees, 17.40 (80) euros including VAT (15.00 + 16% VAT) (24%).
* The status of diplomatic officers will be certified by the competent Consular Authority, while the residence and work of foreigners beyond 15 years will be certified by the Subdirectorate of Aliens of the Ministry of Public Order.
Special permission color: YELLOW.
c) For nationals of foreign countries, outside the EU, who come to our country to hunt 34.80 (120) euros including VAT (30.00+16% VAT)(24%).
Special license colour: YELLOW
3.2 Hunting assistants without a weapon must also be provided with a special hunting license and pay an entry fee of 7,00 euros including VAT (6,03+16% VAT) for each entry regardless of their place of residence.
3.3 Hunters of category 3.1.a. have the possibility, after the exhaustion of their first license, to register two more times to hunt in the EIC, while the rest of the hunters once more, if such a possibility is available from the EIC, by paying the corresponding price, which are registered in a new special permit.
3.4 For the issuance of a second special permit, a new application is required, accompanied by the original special permit, which the hunter will present or send by FAX, as well as payment of the specified price.
3.5 In case the hunter does not appear on the day he was designated to hunt, he is not entitled to use the permission of that day for another entry that will occur. Seek. The validity of this license may be renewed for another day if the entry is not made due to the fault of the service or due to weather conditions only with the approval of the supervisor of the E.K.P. Gioura and if there are vacancies for hunting. If it does not appear again, the fee is lost in favour of the "Game Capital".
3.6 If, upon the recommendation of the Skopelos Forestry Authority, hunting is prohibited, the Service bears no responsibility but only returns the money to the hunters, bearing the shipping costs.
3.7 Since hunting in the EIC is carried out in groups, each hunter should also indicate in his application the names of the other hunters in his group.
3.8 Hunters' entry permits shall be issued by the Supervisor of the ESC or by officials authorized by him.
3.9 The hunter who has followed the procedure of the above article acquires the right to hunt in the E.C.P. of Gioura and takes priority order.
Article 4
4.1 In the E.C.P. Gioura, the island of Gioura is divided into sectors where only one group of hunters per sector is allowed to hunt, while the island of Agios Georgios consists of one sector.
4.2 Each group of hunters can be up to four (4) people.
4.3 On the island of Jura, they cannot hunt more than two (2) teams on the same day.
4.4 On the island of Ag. George can chase only one (1) team on the same day.
4.5 Based on the hunting priority book, the Forest Officer of Skopelos prepares the hunters' names and dates. The interested hunter must call the Forest Service five (5) days after sending the application to determine the specified hunting date.
4.6 The order of priority is drawn up separately for Gioura and Ag. George.
4.7 The Forest Officer of Skopelos determines the number of hunters for each hunting day, the way and place of hunting, and other details of hunting.
Article 5
HUNTING The hunter has the right to bring a weapon (single-barreled or double-barreled). Repeating weapons (shotgun) with a load of up to (3) rounds is allowed.
5.1 Hunting of goats is permitted with a shotgun carrying a projectile and not pellets.
5.2 All weapons must be licensed to possess them.
5.3 The use of dogs is not permitted.
5.4 Aids such as radios, binoculars, etc. are prohibited.
Article 6 HUNTING
Interested hunters are obliged to present themselves to the Forestry Department or the Forestry Authorities of the E.K.P. Gioura at least one (1) day before the specified hunting day, on working days and hours 7:00-15:00. Hunters get from the Forestry Department or the competent forestry bodies of the E.K.P. Gioura:
a) The special permit and b) an information leaflet stating the number of game they can hunt and
the price of the game.
6.2 The hunter who has obtained the special hunting permit shall report to the competent forester indicated on the special permit on the day of the hunt. The ranger will lead the hunter to his field and determine for him the area where he will be able to hunt. The Hunts will have their weapons untied and in a holster by the time the hunt begins. Hunters are forbidden to change the area or sector without the approval of the ranger (The change of sector will be done early in the morning).
6.3 The hunting license and the special permit of the E.K.P. Gioura are delivered to the hunter after the end of the hunt.
The transportation of hunters to the hunting site will be at their own risk and expense. The Office assumes no obligation in this respect. Hunters are obliged to take with them from Skopelos or Alonissos the Forest Officers who will supervise them in hunting and bring them back to their headquarters by the means they will use.
Hunters should be aware of the provisions of the hunting program of the E.C.P. Gioura as well as the game of the area.
Hunting in the E.C.P. Gioura occurs under favourable weather conditions and good visibility. It begins half an hour before sunrise and ends half an hour after sunset.
The hunting of goats is done either by searching, by driven hunt, or from fixed points, but it is always controlled. Hunting in the EIC without control is prohibited. The choice of hunting method (searching, pagana, fixed points) will be made by the team and mandatory for all its individuals. In case of non-agreement of the people of the group on the way of hunting, this determination will be made by the responsible Forest Officer and will be mandatory for everyone. The distance of hunters from each other for the exercise of hunting is determined exclusively by a Forest Officer.
During the hunt, hunters will wear mandatory phosphorous vests coloured orange on the torso of their bodies to avoid accidents. Hunters who do not wear phosphorous vests will be removed from the ECP and deprived of hunting without any further formality or compensation.
Article 7
7.1 Bodies of the E.C.P. Gioura must necessarily supervise the hunter or group of hunters who will hunt.
7.2 It is forbidden to remove individual hunters from the group. Offenders, as well as hunters who do not implement the hunting program of the E.C.P. Gioura and do not comply with the instructions and orders of its officers, will be removed from it and will be deprived of hunting in the E.C.P. for the period that this regulatory prohibition provision is in force, following a proposal by the forest guards and approval of the Forest Officer of Skopelos. In case of recidivism, the hunting licenses and the weapon will be confiscated, and they will be prosecuted for violation of the hunting regulation of the E.K.P. Gioura, according to article 287 par. 18 of Legislative Decree 86/69.
7.3 A hunter who injures a game, at the sole discretion of the accompanying officer, and does not capture it shall pay half of the estimated value for the game.
7.4 If a hunter kills a game whose hunting is prohibited at that time, he will be prosecuted, the game will be confiscated, the means of hunting will be confiscated. He will be deprived of the special hunting permit during the hunting year 2014-2015.7.5 In case a hunter kills game whose number has been reached for the present period, the game will be confiscated and transported (due to the impossibility of its sale on the islands of Gioura - Agios Georgios) from the Forest Officers at the Skopelos Forestry Department where it will be sold, and violators will be excluded from the auction. In addition, they will be deprived of the special hunting permit for the current hunting season.
7.6 If the hunter kills the game and conceals it, the game will be prosecuted, and the procedure of Article 7.5 will be followed.
7.7 Hunting of goats is carried out from fixed points from a distance of up to 40 meters, with hunting weapons carrying projectiles and not pellets exclusively. A hunter who shoots a game from a distance of more than 40 meters, in addition to his criminal liability, will be immediately removed from the EIC.
Article 8
8.1 After the end of the hunt, the Forest Ranger or the authorized body of the E.C.P. Gioura will immediately issue an invoice on the spot and collect the relevant amount of money. The invoice given to the hunter will constitute a legal title of possession of the game listed for transport, etc.
8.2 The group of hunters has the right to distribute the game killed among its members.
8.3 Where the group of hunters consists of hunters of different categories of special licence, the prices of the game shall be determined by the highest prices applicable to each game species.
Article 9
9.1 Hunting in the E.K.P. Gioura is allowed for the periods from the publication of this in the Government Gazette until November 30, 2014, while from 1-6-2015 until 15-6-2015 it is permitted only for Forest Officers in case it is deemed necessary to clean up unwanted persons in the E.K.P. Gioura. The cleaning of undesirable numbers will occur in the fenced area on the island of Gioura following a decision of the Forest Officer of Skopelos, who will define the employees-hunters, the workers-assistants, and the days of hunting practice. The meat resulting from the cleaning will be sold in Skopelos or buried when the sale will not be profitable.
9.2 On days when the ground in the EIC is covered with snow, hunting will not be practised.
GAME 10.1
In the hunting season 2014-2015 the hunting of the following game in kind, number and unit price is allowed for each hunter:
a) For the island of Gioura, up to four (4) (3) game per hunter per two-day period:
Type of game Hunters permanently residing in the Province of Northern Sporades Other Greek hunters - EU nationals-Foreigners over 15 years Foreign hunters. Purebred Goats (males) 40€ 50€ 100€ (300€) Mestizos & Tame Goats (males) 30€ 40€ 80€ (240€)

The above number of goats that can be hunted on the island of Gioura is determined to be purebred males, mixed-race males in the wild male and tame except in fenced areas, while within a fenced area, it is prohibited. Game prices are in euros.
The above prices are subject to VAT 9% (24%).
(b) For the island of Ag. George up to three (3) (2) game per hunter per day
Game type Hunters permanently residing in the Northern Sporades Province Other Greek hunters- EU nationals - Foreigners over 15 years Alien hunters
Purebred Goats (males) 65€ 75€ 180€ (540€) Mestizos Goats (males) 55€ 65€ 160€ ( 480€)

The most goats that can be killed are purebred and mixed-race males.
Game prices are in euros.
The above prices are subject to VAT 9% (24%).
The above number of goats per group can be hunted on the island of Ag. George is defined as ten (10) purebred males and thirty (30) mixed-race males in the wild.
By decision of the Forest Officer of Skopelos and upon the recommendation of the Supervisor of the E.C.P. Gioura and with the agreement of, it is possible: a) to modify the hunting program, b) to extend it, c) to interrupt it for a certain period or for the rest of the hunting season,
d) its non-implementation for a few days for reasons related to the Service's functionalities.
11.2 The visitors of the E.C.P. Gioura will not pay entrance fees, but they must protect the game and not disturb their peace. Visitors are prohibited during the hunting season.
11.3 Hunters and visitors of the deserted islands of Gioura and Ag. Georgios must comply with the following rules of operation of the EKP:
a) Their disembarkation is allowed only at the pier to avoid accidents.
b) During their stay on the deserted island, the following are not allowed: • Lighting a
fire • Camping in any form (tents, etc.) without special permission of the Skopelos
Forestry Department • The destruction – removal of technical works, constructions and tools
• The cutting of trees and shrubs, the
uprooting and collection of plants and seeds and generally any deterioration of flora and fauna
• In any way disturbing other hunters-visitors
• Placing garbage in places other than garbage cans and polluting the area in general
11.4 Hunters are responsible for their safety, the proper handling of their weapons, their safe gait and the safe identification of the prey they will shoot.
11.5 This programme aims to reduce the number of goats on the island and, at the same time, to improve hereditary growth so that coppice shoots can develop after felling to improve the pasture. It also provides for the restoration of the normal numerical ratio between males and females and the removal of mestizos and tame goats within the fenced area of the island where the aim is to create a sufficient number of purebred, at least phenotypically, goats for release after the improvement of pasture in the whole island of Yu-ra. The above specimens are classified as undesirable. The above objectives will be pursued from 1 June to 15 June 2015 by the bodies of the ESC of Gioura.
11.6 For matters not regulated by this hunting regulation, the general provisions "on hunting" shall apply.
This decision will be published in the Government Gazette and will be valid for the hunting year 2014 – 2015.
Ball, October 16, 2014
By order of the Secretary
General of Decentralized Administration
The Head of the Forestry Directorate of Magnesia