Hunting of Yura Ibex and Hybrid from Skopelos (Capra aegagrus Dorcas)

You now have the unique opportunity to participate in a hunting expedition on the island of Yura, which has been closed to hunting for almost ten years. This preliminary hunting program will be approved next year and may change before the hunting season begins.

Preliminary Hunting Program on the Islands of Yura and Agios Georgios


  • Price: EUR 8060 plus 24% VAT
  • Inclusions: All expenses from and to the airport, four days of full board, transportation to and from the islands, three days of hunting with a guide, weapons and ammunition.
  • Hunting Trophies: including one purebred Yura Ibex and two hybrids for free. The hybrids qualify for registration as Kri Kri hybrid and Yura hybrid (capra aegagros hircus). Purebred Yura ibexes (capra aegagros dorcas) will be eligible for the SCI record book after an official measurement by a Master Measurer and approved entry of new species.

Detailed Itinerary:

  • Duration: Arrival one day before the hunt and 3 days of hunting (2 days on Yura and one day on Agios Georgios Skopelos).
  • Included: 3 ibexes (one purebred capra aegagros dorcas and two hybrids capra aegagros hircus for free) per hunter.
  • Group Structure: 4 participants per group (3 hunters and one guide).
  • Limit: A maximum of 3 groups can hunt in November three days a week (Friday to Sunday). Hunting days in November 2025:
    Week 1 from  Oct 31 to Nov 2
    Week 2 from Nov 7 - 9
    Week 4 from Nov 14 - 16
    Week 5 from Nov 21 - 23
    Week 6 from Nov 28 - 30
  • Registration: Priority is given to early bookings and entire groups. Registration closes on September 1, 2025. Participants will be notified via email about approved dates and hunting conditions.
  • Fees: An administrative fee of EUR 25 and a participation deposit of EUR 250 for ranking purposes. First to confirm participation (by transferring the fee) choose their hunting dates first.
  • Selection Process: A lottery will be held if applications exceed available spots. Non-ranked hunters can prioritize their ranking in 2026 or opt for a deposit refund. Participants bear bank charges.
  • Payment: The full hunting fee, confirmed before booking, must be paid 14 days before the hunt.

Allowed Hunting Limits:

  • Maximum of 3 ibexes per group during the two days on Yura.
  • Maximum of one purebred and two hybrids on Agios Georgios.
  • Group 1: Yura - Day 1, Day 2; Agios Georgios - Day 3
  • Group 2: Yura - Day 1, Day 3; Agios Georgios - Day 2
  • Group 3: Yura - Day 2, Day 3; Agios Georgios - Day 1

Next Steps: To participate, simply express your interest in this hunt and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
your two names and contact information (e-mail and cell) with the preferable dates: week 1,2,3, etc.

The lists of interested hunters will be submitted to the Ministry of Forests and the Mayor of Skopelos to advocate for the opening of the hunting season to restore ecological balance.

For more details, visit our website and view the previous hunting program Yura.

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